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Our Pricing

 Our prices are based on per hour or full Day. Please Contact US for a long Term Contract Prices

Agent-X offers world-class VIP and Celebrities protection services at the most affordable prices. One hour trial will convince you. Please contact us now for a customized fees.

Executive Driver 

Most Agent-X Executive  Drivers are former military/police officers. They serves you as both as a  special counter-terrorist  driver and  a close protection officer or bodyguard. They have undergone extensive and specialized protective training to counteract; assassins, terrorist, kidnappers, ambushing and any other forms of criminal attacks.


 VIP Bodyguard​ 

Agent-X VIPs Bodyguard are  highly competent, confidential and reliable agents. Many Agent- X bodyguards have extensive backgrounds in military, law- enforcement, special forces and intelligence, along with additional
specialized training. Each agent is required to undergo a background check in order to represent Agent-X. We provides protection for VIPs in Nigeria and around Africa.


(Police Counter-Assault-Team)

The P-CAT are specialized and super-equipped police counter-assault quick reaction force in support of Agent-X VIP close protection officers. While the SCIPA-T is the invisible shadow teams that collect timely protective intelligence and also serves as surveillance and counter-surveillance force

Asset Protection
​Clients from Nigerian world-class corporations and businesses rely on Agent-X’s unique ability to consistently deliver comprehensive Asset Protection Services. We prepare and assist with planned situations as well as react swiftly to an overnight crisis. Because of Agent-X’s ability to deploy nearly anywhere at anytime, clients in Nigeria and around Africa look to Agent-X during unusually complex and stressful situations. Our services are designed to mitigate threatening events such as terrorist attacks in a single location or at multiple sites around Nigeria specifically and Africa generally.
> Investigative and assessment services
• Security surveys
• Advance team deployment
• Escort services
• Deployment of armed agents
• Equipment coordination
• Agency liaising
• Gathering of intelligence